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Celebrating Women in Business, featuring Autumn S.

As our Human Resources Coordinator, Autumn S. has spent about three years with Blue Chip Talent. When it comes to a “typical day in the life of Autumn,” she describes herself to be constantly busy. Not always knowing what to expect, she has realized that things can come up last minute and it’s important to be prepared at all times. Autumn’s job has also taught her to never assume and to always ask that additional question. In her opinion, you can never have too much knowledge—the more questions, the better.

Ultimately, Autumn’s hope is to be the leader or director of her own department. With this goal in sight, she continuously strives to inspire others, spread positivity, and encourage her fellow co-workers. In addition, Autumn’s role as a first-time mother motivates her to set a good example by embodying hard work and dedication. She is committed and understanding, truly making a difference in the BCT office.

To close this week’s feature, here are some final questions we asked Autumn about her work experience:

How does being a businesswoman make you feel?

“Amazing! Always believe in yourself and trust your instincts.”

What words of wisdom would you give your younger self?

“Be prepared to fail. Failure is key when succeeding. Also, get used to wearing heels.”

Do you have any advice as a woman in business?

“Never doubt or second guess yourself. You are more powerful than you think. Failure comes with success. You will always fail first—the success comes after.”

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