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What is a Job Recruiter?

What is a Recruiter?

Many people may think of a sport recruiter or even a military recruiter, but in the job market a recruiter is simply a person who matches employees, or “talent”, to companies’ positions. A recruiter acts as a bridge between a candidate who is qualified and companies who are hiring.

What are the advantages of using a recruiter?

There are many compelling reasons to use a recruiter. The following outlines the top benefits:

1. Recruiters have exclusive access

Recruiters have first-hand access to the positions that need to be filled. There are two huge advantages to this. Normally, these positions are not readily available to the public. You will not see these jobs on job boards such as Indeed, CareerBuilder or even LinkedIn. These jobs are typically top-tiered positions and are only released to a trusted talent acquisition company. In addition, the recruiter will act as a direct connection to the hiring managers overseeing these positions thus providing valuable insight about the position and the company. Ultimately, this saves you time (a lot of it).

2. Recruiters want you to get the job

The recruiter's job is to build a relationship with candidates so they can find them the best job to meet their needs. They are trained to ask the right questions to find the candidate meaningful work, at the most convenient location and at the best culturally desired company. If they can do this consistently, it is a win-win for the company, the recruiter and most importantly, the candidate!

3. Recruiters are Proactive

A good recruiter will talk to a candidate before they need or want a new job. This allows the recruiter to find out what they truly want in their next job and what kind of company they hope to work for. In most cases, there is not an open position at the time of contact. However, once a job becomes available, the candidate is at the top of the list to be submitted to the company before any of the competition can react. So, the lesson is to talk to recruiters and give them your top 3-5 ideal job preferences. It never hurts to just talk to them. It is free and an excellent door to advancing your career.

As you saw above, there are many positive reasons to work with a recruiter. Working with a recruiter will cost you nothing more than your time. This whole thing may sound too good to be true but the facts are simple. Companies have open jobs and it can be difficult to find employees to fill them. Recruiters are the solution to this problem and will only succeed if the candidates do as well.

At Blue Chip Talent, our goal is to be the best at recruiting. We aim to exceed expectations to all of the above and more. In fact, we have helped thousands of candidates go to the next level in their career. Our efforts have been recognized by Metro Detroit’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For 20 years in a row in addition to earning a certification as a Great Place to Work. Connecting with a recruiter is easy. Go to so they can answer any questions you may have. It is completely free of cost and risk.

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