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Celebrating Women in Business, featuring Laurie H.

This week we are featuring Laurie, Blue Chip Talent’s Office Coordinator who has been with the company for 6.5 years. Having graduated with an advertising major at Michigan State, she did not expect her career to be where it is now. However, she finds that her job fits perfectly with the current stage in her life. “I’ve learned it’s important to have an open mind regarding your career,” Laurie says, “because you never know where an opportunity will take you.”

Laurie started working with Blue Chip Talent in a part-time position, then she gradually transitioned to working full time. As a mother of four, work/life balance is very important to her, and fortunately, BCT has helped Laurie successfully accomplish that. She admits that it is not always easy though, “so working alongside other women who are also trying to walk that line between family and career is really encouraging.”

Ultimately, Laurie believes the best thing about working at BCT is that each day is different. “I never know what to expect! I get to meet interesting people who walk through our front door every day.” She is very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful community at BCT—and we are thankful for the remarkable effort Laurie has put into helping our company thrive.

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