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Celebrating Women in Business, featuring Brittany K.

As a woman-owned company, Blue Chip Talent strives to support women in business and celebrate the remarkable effort they put into their careers. As part of this mission, we’d like to highlight the hard-working women that make the success of this team possible.

Brittany, an Engineering Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist who has been with BCT for four years, had no intention of starting a career in business. However, once she interviewed with BCT and met some of the team members, she loved everything about the role, environment, and company—and she has not looked back since. Eventually, she hopes to be in management and running a team of recruiters.

To learn more about Brittany, we asked her a few questions about her experience as a woman in business:

How does being a businesswoman make you feel?

“I was not sure how I felt about being a ‘businesswoman’ at first, but now I find it to be powerful, fulfilling and challenging in a great way!”

Do you have an inspiration or a role model?

“My husband is my inspiration/role model every single day. He hustles harder than anyone I know. He left a career he loved after fourteen years and a Master’s degree to do something completely out of the box and change our family’s lives.”

What is one of your favorite memories at BCT?

“I would have to say when we did our first Miracle League event and volunteered with young kids to play one of my favorite sports—baseball. It is one of my favorite things to do every year! I highly suggest it—you will not be disappointed. Look it up!”

Have you faced any difficulties as a woman in business?

“Once you stop thinking of yourself as just a ‘woman in business,’ rather than a woman who loves what she does and is really good at it, I feel like it is a game changer and it gets easier.”

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned so far from this career path?

“Any career path you take will have ups and downs. But once you find a career that you love, the downs are not that bad anymore.”

Looking back on her childhood, Brittany would tell her younger self, “Stop worrying. You will be okay, and you will find what you are good at and love doing.” And thankfully, she did find that through her career. Brittany’s job isn’t the only thing she loves, though. As a wife and mother of two little girls, she sees her family as a central motivation, and she strives to do all she can for them. Brittany is also the oldest of three children and describes herself as a competitive person by nature, pointing out her love for sports and drive to “look at yourself to see what you can get better at.”

To wrap up this week’s feature, here is some final advice that Brittany would like to share:

“I see myself as a woman AND I happen to be in a business career, not just a ‘woman in business.’ Start believing in what you want and go get it. Keep pushing, and when you feel like giving up, push harder.”

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