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Spring Cleaning at the Office

Whether the conditions outside look the part or not, Spring is just around the corner. Use the season change as an opportunity to turn the corner on your workspace cleanliness. We’ve retrieved a list of helpful tactics that will help freshen up your area and your work life.

Erase the Paper Trail

It is too easy to dismiss a paper pile-up. One day you lay down a sheet and by the next day the stack is higher than a phone book. A few ways to alleviate a paper storm: you can scan your papers into digital files, keep multiple folders for varying degrees of importance and recycle the unnecessary, or make friends with the office shredder.

Same goes for digital files. Re-organize folders within your computer to get old files out of the way and to keep relevant ones up front and center.

Wrangle Your Tangles

An organized, streamlined digital desk goes a long way when trying to maintain a tidy workspace. Look into grabbing cord ties or hooks to keep those hanging device wires in check.

Go with Ergo

Treat your body with some ergonomic upgrades, whether it is a lumbar support pillow, a foot rest, or gel wrist supports for a keyboard or mouse.

Make an Appointment

The cleaning won’t get done unless you specifically carve out time for cleaning. Add 5-10 small blocks of time to your calendar so you can give your workspace the attention it deserves when Spring Cleaning gets underway.

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