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Dress for Success: Interview Attire Tips

As career opportunities advance, a candidate’s attire becomes more and more significant. When starting the interview process, employers consider several factors. The very impression a candidate can make is their choice in attire. Therefore, it is extremely imperative to know the guidelines of what to wear on an interview.

The color of your suit or dress should be a solid, neutral color with minimal pattern detail. This allows for the employer to not be distracted while they ask questions. For both men and women, dress slacks, a button-down shirt, dress socks and dress shoes are all acceptable for attending an interview. Women can wear a dress to their interview if it is knee-legnth and worn with nylons along with closed-toe shoes. For men who rock those amazing beards, try to have it tightly trimmed. If it’s not fully grown in yet, hit the reset button by being clean shaven while presenting yourself to an employer. Women should apply any makeup on a softer tone. The employer wants to see professionalism during the interview process because it will demonstrate further professionalism down the road should they hire you. Many individuals are sensitive to smells so be considerate and eliminate wearing cologne or perfume. Blue Chip Talent wants to alleviate any stress by providing guidelines for an interview and to give candidates the vital information they need to lead them down a successful path!

Below are some crucial rules to follow when deciding on an interview outfit.

Recommendations for Men

What TO wear:

  1. Button down shirt (neutral, solid colors)

  2. Tie

  3. Slacks

  4. Suit is optional (neutral, solid colors)

  5. Dress shoes

  6. Dress socks

  7. Trimmed or clean-shaven facial hair

What NOT to wear:

  1. Baseball cap

  2. Hoodie

  3. T-shirt

  4. Jeans

  5. Sweatpants

  6. Messy facial hair

  7. Tennis shoes

  8. Cologne

Recommendations for Women

What TO Wear:

  1. Slacks (neutral, solid colors)

  2. Blouse

  3. Blazer (neutral, solid colors)

  4. Knee-length skirt

  5. Knee-length dress

  6. Nylons

  7. Smaller heel

  8. Flats

What NOT to wear:

  1. Low-cut blouse

  2. Jeans

  3. Hoodies

  4. Sweatpants

  5. Heavy Makeup/Jewelry

  6. Open-toed shoes

  7. High stilettos

  8. Perfume

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