Detroit - The Silicon Valley of the Midwest

Many may not know this, but Metro Detroit is #1 in the Midwest in terms of the concentration of tech-focused jobs. Nationally, Metro Detroit is #3 in the percentage of total employment in the technology industry. When you add up the numbers, it means that exciting things are happening in the tech world right here in the Motor City. Here are just a few of the many reasons we are proud to be from Detroit:

1. Startups upon Startups upon Startups

The options and opportunities for innovative people in Detroit are growing day by day. Equity crowdfunding is legal in Michigan, meaning that a company not listed in the stock market can receive investments from people in exchange for shares in the company. To invest in current equity crowdfunding campaigns or to crowdfund a campaign of your own, helpful platforms like are available.

2. There’s No Shortage of Tech-Teachers

You will find at least 7 places to get you into the tech industry in Metro Detroit alone. Every program is unique in its approach and level of depth. These programs teach their students how to code and other IT-related skills. Here are a few note-worthy programs:

Girls Develop It Detroit

Grand Circus

Sisters Code

Detroit Labs Apprentice Program

Veterans Get I.T.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

With the growing demand of technology skills in Metro Detroit, these programs help build long-lasting careers. Some of these programs even help you find a job!

3. Women in Technology Are Important Here

Detroit is ranked #3 within the top 15 cities for women in technology. 44.5% of tech jobs here are filled by women. Detroit also has the highest percentage of 3-year employment growth at 32%. It is a great place for women to pursue their technology dreams and organizations, like the , are here to ensure that they reach those dreams. Established in 2000, this organization provides mentoring, classes, networking, and leadership development for women working in technology. They currently have over 800 members and 80 corporate sponsors. Their vision is to make Michigan the #1 state for women in technology and they are well on their way.

In Metro Detroit alone, we have over 170,000 technology jobs. In , it was reported that “Southeast Michigan is a better place for technology professionals to build their careers and for technology companies to do business than Silicon Valley.” Here at Blue Chip Talent, we think that is more than enough reason to celebrate. We are proud of our resilient city and the strides it has made to get this far, especially since this is just the beginning for the Motor City.

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